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How To Earn $1M Per Month or Per Year | Top 5 Best Highest Earning Online Business Ideas

It’s not easy to earn $1M per month, but not impossible. Your idea and the power of imagination will make this happen true. Start your own business and save as early as possible.    

If you are from a poor family, or if you don’t have enough money to start your business; you can start with the following methods to reach or fulfil your ultimate goal.

Now let’s talk about making money online

       There are hundreds of ways of making money online. You can’t believe that it’s an amazing world to make money as much as you can. It can give you fame as well. There are so many people who are really earning millions of dollars online per month. In this article, I am going to tell you about some easy, trending and most profitable ways of making money online that can help you to become a millionaire or a billionaire.

Now let’s turn your passion into profits:

Five Best Online Passive Income Sources

1) Blogging:      

Do you know that blogging can make you rich? Yes, this is one of the most trending, profitable, popular and simple ways of making money online and getting rich. Not only money, but It can give you fame also. 

Now the question is – 

What is blogging and how to start it?

      A blog is nothing but a website. There is little difference between a blog and a website. A blog is a regular updated informational website where a writer or a group of writers share their views or knowledge on various subjects or topics. You can call it an informational diary. Your blog can be a personal diary also. The contents or posts published by the writers are shown on the blog in reverse chronological order with the latest posts appearing first. A blog also contains some web pages.

      Blogging is a profitable online profession just like a business. You can take blogging as a full-time business. Starting a blog is extremely simple and easy but making profits out of it is not easy, but not impossible. You can start a blog and make huge money. But, how much money can you make by blogging? Trust me, there is no limit to earning from blogging. Initially, it may be difficult for you. It may take some time to start earning. And finally, when you will be an expert in the field of blogging, you can earn millions of dollars from your blogs. You will be surprised then.

       No huge money is needed to start a blog. You can start a blog with little money just by buying a domain, hosting and a good theme according to your blog topic. But initially, if you don’t have enough money to buy hosting and a theme, I request you to buy a good domain at least and start blogging on You can buy a domain from

     There are so many ways of earning money from blogging. The first and most popular way that most bloggers prefer to generate money from their blogs is Google Adsense. You can generate revenue by monetizing your blogs with Google Adsense or other advertising networks like, etc. And the second most popular and profitable way of making money from your blogs is affiliate marketing. It’s a very good method to generate more profits out of your blogs besides Google Adsense. You can join Amazon Affiliate Programme to promote their products on your blogs. You can join other affiliate programs also.

       The other popular ways of earning money from a blog are sponsorship, selling your own digital products like e-books, selling online courses, etc.

       There are thousands of topics to start a blog. You can work on micro-niches like food, bodybuilding, health, cooking, yoga exercise, mobiles, cameras, laptops and computers, books, lifestyle, comedy, motivation, fashion, travel, entertainment and so on. Find your niche according to your interest, Research it, plan for it and go on.

     I hope you have understood the basic facts of blogging. To know more details about blogging, you may visit the following websites. Here I have provided some useful links of some famous websites to start a blog.

   How to start a blog: These websites are made by some successful and professional bloggers.

Start a blog on

But I suggest you buy a domain at least to start a blog on to make your blog professional. is the product of It provides free hosting and free subdomains.

Start a blog on WordPress

WordPress is a very popular CMS(content management system). You can start your blog on WordPress. But you need some money to buy a domain, hosting, theme and various plugins available on WordPress to start a blog. If you afford you can go for it because it is one of the best CMS to build a website or a blog. Most professional bloggers prefer WordPress. is another platform to start blogging.

2) Affiliate Marketing:

   Affiliate Marketing is another popular, profitable and easiest method of earning money online. You can earn a large amount of money by just doing affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is a process of earning a certain amount of money or commission by promoting products of other companies. In simple words, when you sell a product of another company, you get a commission fixed by that company. This process of selling or promoting other companies’ products and getting a commission is called affiliate marketing. Here you work as an affiliate and your income is called affiliate income. The most interesting fact is that you don’t need to produce your own products. Here you need to promote other companies’ products as an affiliate. That’s all.

How to start affiliate marketing?

    It’s very simple to start affiliate marketing. Just approach or join an affiliate partner program, choose a profitable product according to your choice, promote and sell the products and receive an affiliate commission. Here your earnings depend on the number of selling the products. The more you sell, the more you make profits. Most of the big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, Commission Junction,  etc. have their own affiliate programs. You have to choose one or more affiliate programs according to your interests.

How to sell affiliate products?

    Joining an affiliate program is easy, but selling their products is a little bit difficult if you don’t have any online platform to sell them. For this, you need some online and social media platforms to sell the products. You have to grow your friend circle on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Even you can make your own website or blog to promote their products. You can run ads on Facebook to sell affiliate products more and more to earn a handsome amount of money. Of course, it takes a little time to be an expert, but the result will be amazing. You can’t believe what is going to happen to you after a few months.

    I hope you have come to know the basic facts of affiliate marketing. For more information, you can read the following articles written by experts on affiliate marketing.
some useful links to learn about affiliate marketing in detail:

3) YouTube: 

    Nowadays, youtube has become a very famous video-sharing platform. But, do you know that  YouTube gives us money for making and uploading videos on YouTube? Millions of people are earning a large amount of money by just making videos and uploading them on YouTube.

How to make money using YouTube?

     First of all, find your interest, I mean your skill or field of knowledge at which you are best. Create a channel on this. It’s very easy to create a youtube channel. You may name your YouTube channel according to the subject of knowledge you want to share on YouTube. Make videos of good quality and upload them on youtube regularly. After fulfilling some basic criteria of the youtube partner program, you can monetize your youtube videos with Google Adsense. Google Adsense will pay you for showing ads on your videos. It’s a very simple and interesting way of making money online. Just show your creativity through videos. YouTube can make you rich, it can make you famous.

     To make youtube videos you need to buy a good camera, a tripod, a good quality mic, a computer or a laptop, etc. If you don’t have enough money to buy these accessories at your starting stage, you can start with your smartphone. There are many people who are making videos just using their smartphones and earning an incredible amount of money.

    You can create a vlogging channel on youtube also. A lot of people are earning money by just making videos about their daily lifestyle and uploading them on youtube. It’s a very simple and interesting way of making money from youtube.

 Various ways of making money from YouTube:

     The first and most popular way is Google Adsense. You can monetize your youtube videos with Google Adsense Ads. The second most popular way is affiliate marketing. You can share your affiliate links in the youtube video description. And the other ways of making money from youtube are sponsorship, selling your own products like e-books, selling online courses, etc.
Some valuable links to know more about the youtube partner program:

4) Freelancing:

     Freelancing is one of the most amazing ways of earning money online while sitting at home. A freelancer is a self-employed person who works for their clients and makes money on a per-task basis. A freelancer may charge an hourly or daily basis for his work. There are so many freelancing websites where clients come and search for good freelancers, and hire them for their work. Freelancers approach these freelancing websites to find jobs. Every freelancer must create an account or a profile based on his skill on these freelancing websites so that clients find them easily according to their needs.

     To start a career as a freelancer, you must have some skills in one or more fields of knowledge like Web development, App development, video editing, Graphics designing, data entry, content writing, article writing, copywriting, etc.

     There are hundreds of websites like, and that provide freelancing jobs. Different types of jobs are available here all the time. Just open an account on any website you like the most, find the work according to your skill and knowledge and start earning.

5) Mobile App Development:

     Mobile app development is one of the most profitable ways of earning money online. If you have any programming knowledge you can develop mobile apps for Android or iOS devices. You can monetize your android apps with Google Admob ads to generate revenue. If you don’t know how to code to develop an app, you can learn it online. There are various websites and youtube channels on how to learn programming languages and coding. If you are interested in developing apps, start learning to code online and make unique and innovative apps that can solve the problems of many people. You can earn an incredible amount of money from your apps that can make you rich.
There are so many examples of app developers who had no knowledge about programming and coding at their first stage because they are not from this background. They have learnt it online, and now they are making lots of money by making simple apps.

6) Facebook Page:

     Everyone uses Facebook. But very few people know that we can earn money from Facebook. Of course, you can earn an incredible amount of money by creating a Facebook Page.

How to earn money from Facebook? 

     Facebook is a large source of audience where billions of people post photos and videos every day. You can create a Facebook page and publish videos on this page just like on youtube. After fulfilling some basic criteria set by Facebook you can monetize your videos on Facebook with Facebook ads and earn money. You can also monetize your blog with Facebook ads, i.e. Facebook instant article.

    If you like comedy, you can make comedy videos for your Facebook page. Because comedy videos are mostly watched on Facebook by Facebook users. And more views mean more money from Facebook. You can create a news website and monetize this site with the Facebook instant article. To the best of my knowledge, it will be more profitable.

7) Investment:

     Investment is an incredible way of making money online. The investment will help you to increase the value of your money rapidly. You need to invest your earned money in the right place. Even you can be a millionaire or a billionaire like Warren Buffett by just investing money in others’ businesses. But you have to find profitable companies to invest your money in. For this, you have to study it properly. You must have some knowledge about the Share Market or Stock Market. You can start investing in mutual funds. It is a better place to invest your money with low risk as compared to share markets. 

8) Quora Partner Program:

    Quora has become a popular Q & A website. It has started its own partner program. You can join the Quora partner program and earn money by asking questions on Quora. Besides this, Quora will help you to increase visitors to your website or blog, it will also help you to increase your youtube subscribers when you place your article or video link in an answer given by you on Quora. So, it will indirectly help you to increase your revenue from your youtube channel or blog.

     There are so many other ways of making money online. But, here I have discussed eight simple and profitable ways of making money online that everyone can do. Among these eight ways of earning money online, YouTube, Blogging and Affiliate marketing are the best. Because These three platforms will help you to earn not only millions of dollars but also fame and popularity. These can fulfil your dream of becoming a millionaire. But you must work hard in a smart way.

      The Internet is just like an ocean. There are pearls at the bottom of the ocean. If you want to be a millionaire by making money online, you must have to go into the deeper part of the internet. You have to find the pearl on the internet just like a diver who goes into the deeper part of the ocean to find the pearl. To make money online, you need some skills to show your creativity. You have to maintain persistence and regularity. You must have to give yourself the best. You have to plan for the long term. Otherwise, you can not fulfil your dream of becoming a millionaire.

      Don’t waste your valuable time trying to do so many things at a time. Try to do one or two at a time and give your best to it to be an expert in your field. Before doing something properly study and research it. Never stop learning. Learn something new every day. Learning is earning.

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